Why would I want my company to be profiled on Startup List Canada? 

The idea behind Startup List Canada is to bring attention to early-stage startups that might not otherwise have these kinds of opportunities. 

A profile on Startup List Canada is an opportunity for hundreds, if not thousands of extra people, most connected to Canada’s startup ecosystem, to learn about your startup. And while there are no guarantees, this will increase your chances of making connections that could help find your next supporter, partner, or even investor. 

A large part of Startup List Canada’s mission is to bring attention to startups with founders from underrepresented communities. We hope that increasing visibility and representation of founders from these communities will also help inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. 

Is my company right for Startup List Canada?

While not every business is a startup, we subscribe to the definition put forward by Eric Ries in The Lean Startup: 

A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

The most important part of this definition is what it omits. It says nothing about the size of the company, the industry, or the sector of the economy. Anyone who is creating a new product or business under conditions of extreme uncertainty is an entrepreneur… whether working in a government agency, a venture-backed company, a nonprofit, or a decidedly for-profit company with financial investors. 

This description is decidedly broad, particularly if you include Ries’ definition of product that “encompasses any source of value for the people who become customers.” 

The uncertainty in this description arises from some type of innovation driving the startup. And again, we understand innovation broadly, in that your startup’s innovation may come from the creation of a novel product or service, or from a new business model, or simply by bringing a product or service to a previously unserved set of customers. 

We’re also open to discussion – if you have questions or are unsure whether your startup is a fit, send us an email.  

When is the best time to profile a startup on Startup List Canada? 

As mentioned earlier, the benefit of a Startup List Canada profile is to bring extra attention and visibility to a startup and its founders. As such, we suggest that the best time to submit is a) when you are looking to make connections (e.g. searching for partners or investors), and b) when there are opportunities for people to interact in real-time or in-person your startup and/or founder (e.g., for pitches, open houses, and trade or industry events), and when they can access and provide (early) feedback on products or services (e.g., beta testing).

Regardless of where you’re at, make sure there is a way for people to connect with you. 

How do I get my startup added to Startup List Canada? 

If you’re ready to tell everyone about your startup, click the button below to open our online submission form. We will use the information submitted to build your startup profile and share a draft before publication. Once it goes live, we’ll also share it to the Startup List Canada social accounts.